Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Bored? Need to waste 5 min? Well then check this site out!

So everyone has those sites that they use in order to blow some time. Either when they are at work, sitting in the waiting room at the doctor’s office surfing their iphone, and trying to listen in class but not really because that day doesn’t really matter because the next text isn’t for 10 days and you have plenty of time to find a buddy and copy their notes.

Well I’m talking about this today because I want to share with you one of the sites I use all the time when I am bored and waste some time. I first heard of this from one of my good buddies at school. He obviously saw me in a state of extreme boredom and he wanted to share his great discovery with me. I’ll do the same for you guys today.

Ok well the site is called and is one of the best sites out there. If you can just grow your attention span just a little and move away from watching videos all day from youtube and collegehumor (although awesome sites in their own right) and read a little, you will learn some facts that you would have never known in your life. And I’m not talking about facts that you will never use but facts that can actually help you out.

Here this one is a great example about facts that one should know (ok well some of them you don’t really need to know but they do prove some facts that we have been taught since we were kids to actually be false).

This list gives the top 10 things you ought to know. Number 3 states that actually no one thought the world was flat and Columbus actually didn’t go out to prove that the world wasn’t flat. What a bunch of bull teachers have been giving us. Even though it’s been awhile since I’ve been in kindergarten I would still imagine teachers being lazy and still telling kids that “fact” about Columbus.

Another interesting list is one listing 25 fascinating and fun fact lets with number 23 stating that “The first ice pop dates back to 1923, when lemonade salesman Frank Epperson left a glass of lemonade outside one cold night. The next morning, the ice pop was born – and originally called the epsicle ice pop.”

Alright you might be saying ok these are some boring facts but hey wait the site gets better. There are a lot more lists on the site and they separate them by categories. The categories include art & literature, bizarre, crime &mystery, entertainment, fact & fiction, food & health, history, leisure& travel, miscellaneous, movies, music, people & politics, religion, and finally science & nature.

My favorite ones are crime &mystery, entertainment, and movies.

One of the lists that I have come across that was crazy was the Top 10 Celebrities Who Have Killed Someone. This list is crazy. There are some people on this who you would have never thought would be on here. Ok well the first person on the list I could have seen killing someone but hey that was the 90s and he was the original O.G., so of course he would have killed someone haha. Don King is on the list but everyone knows he is an asshole. And one of the most bizarre to me was that a Little Rascal has killed someone. THAT’S INSANE! Beat you never knew that.

Alright so I hope ya’ll enjoy this site as much as I do. No video in the blog today but hopefully the song of the day interests you. One of my friends showed me this artist once and it was awesome. He mixes some crazy things and makes them into some pretty cool songs. Here check it out. Enjoy.


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