Sunday, July 10, 2011

Music and Movies! Better than PB&J!

Everyone has those favorite moments in movies when they use a song that they really enjoy. Either it’s from a musical or from some scene where the soundtrack song choice was awesome. Well today’s blog will be about those moments in movies that I really enjoyed because of the song or musical number they do in them. I came up with today’s blog when I wanted to make a c.d. with all my favorite songs from movies that I had seen. The c.d. was pretty good and I realized that songs from movies tie in just as much as the story does.

Let’s start with one of my favorite movies of all time, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. The scene that created a great music moment was the parade scene. One of the great feel good moments in movie history. The scene pretty much embodied what the film was all about, go out and have some fun. The scene is great because of the use of the famous Beatles song “Twist and Shout”, which charted again because of the popularity from this movie. Here is the scene from the movie.

This scene makes this movie one of my favorites and I pretty much watch it whenever I feel pretty down. If anyone has seen it then they obviously know what I am talking about but if you haven’t then you are missing out on a future favorite of yours.

Now on to the second film scene with great music is Back to the Future. Now I hope everyone has seen this movie because this is a great film for anyone and I can’t imagine someone not liking it. Well the scene that I love from the movie is when Michael J. Fox’s character Marty McFly sort of celebrates his accomplished mission of making sure his parents end up together. This scene just helps to reinforce the fun of watching this movie. Here is the scene to watch for yourself either to bring back memories or to watch if you haven’t seen it.

marty mcfly - johnny b. goode from etsw on Vimeo.

Another favorite movie if mine is Beetlejuice because of how silly it is. This next scene I just really enjoy just because how ridiculous it is. The scene in question is the one where all the grownups are forced by the ghosts of the house they are in to sing and dance. The scene was the best out of the film because you just wished that something like that would happen at a dinner party you were forced to attend.

There is another scene from the same movie that was also great because of the song that was picked. The whole scene is made hilarious because of the song Jump In The Line and because it’s a little of a feel good song too.

Keeping along with the ingenious use of rhythmic music to use in a comedy movie, my next favorite scenes from a movie because of the music is from The Mask. Everyone should know those two scenes. The first of course is the scene where The Mask dances with Cameron Diaz’s character (this was when she was really hot and wasn’t all muscle like she is now). Finally of course it has to be the escape from the cops scene. Who didn’t like that and who wouldn’t want to escape that way.

Ok so let’s diverge to a great moment in film that used music but this time it’s a bit creepier. I hope some of you have seen Deliverance and know that it is the creepiest movie for men who want to go out and be outdoorsy. If you haven’t seen the film well you should go out and watch it but hopefully this creepy clip of banjos from the movie piques your interest.

Ok now back to some feel good moments with music in film. Here are two great scenes that I really enjoyed the sock slide scene from Risky Business and of course the roller coaster-throw up scene from The Sandlot. Now both scenes should make any guy love them because hey that is what we are all about, trying to get away from adults and have some fun.

Alright this next scene I challenge anyone to say they didn’t love it. Whoever hasn’t seen Wayne’s World needs to just stop reading this stupid blog and go and get it now. Well the scene in question is the one where Wayne and his best friend Garth sing along with the radio to Bohemian Rhapsody. Who after watching this didn’t jam out to that song in their car?

This next scene is from a relatively new movie. The scene in my opinion has become classic because it could be right up there from these great old school scenes from film history.

Well the film that I was saying with such an awesome scene as that from Grease and Footloose is the movie 500 Days of Summer. If you haven’t seen the film it’s a must watch for any guy to know that it isn’t hard to get over a chick every guy has it happened to them. Well here is the scene from the film which uses the song You Make My Dreams by Hall & Oats. Here check it out yourself.

This next film I am not real sure how people feel about it. The movie is called The Rocky Horror Picture Show and I find it extremely funny and weird but I don't think some people would like it because well the main character is a transvestite alien. Haha the idea is so funny that it really makes one enjoy the film. Well here is the best song I think from the film.

Now on to the last scene for today’s blog. This one is my favorite because I love the film so much. The Blues Brothers has to be in the top in movies and there are a lot of great music scenes but my favorite is the classic climatic scene where they finally make it to the Palace Hotel Ballroom and they sing the classic song Everybody Needs Somebody To Love. The scene is hilarious because everyone in the movie is there and they can’t do anything but sit back and enjoy the music even though all the police are after the two.

I hoped everyone enjoyed the blog today. Hopefully I can get some good ideas just like this one. Well here is the song of the day, The Across the Galaxy Tour “Golden Age”. This video is the extended version of the Heineken commercial that the song is used for.

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