Monday, July 4, 2011

Want a Better Way to Celebrate July 4th? Why Not Watch Cartoons!

Today’s post hopefully will bring a bit of nostalgia for everyone who reads it. The idea for the post today came from my friend when we were talking about cartoons that we used to watch as kids. Now this discussion happens pretty much twice a year because well those are some of the finer memories from childhood. Every kid gets plugged into whatever show they are watching when they are kids. No one could take us away from it once we started watching Saturday morning cartoons and I know that I would throw a tantrum if my parents wouldn’t let me watch them. So today’s post I’ll be giving a list and clips of some of my favorite shows to watch when I was a kid.

The first show I want to show ya’ll was one of my favorites as a kid. I liked this show so much because the kid that the show was about had a crazy imagination and it was really funny to watch. The show was called Bobby’s World which was created by everyone’s favorite host from Deal or No Deal, Howie Mandel. The show was around for 8 years so that should tell you that this show was very entertaining for a long time. Here is the intro to show. All I knew too was I wanted that underwater boat that he had haha.

This next show was one of my favorites. It was a pirate cartoon show but it was different from other pirate shows because it was based on an alien planet. In the show the characters are trying to rid their world of something called “Dark Water”. It was cool to watch and now when I think about I don’t really remember any specifics but I mean if I can remember a show as obscure as this one then it was obviously pretty good. The show was called The Pirates of Dark Water. Here is a clip.

Another show I really fondly remember was The Tick. The show was so stupidly funny not one person couldn’t enjoy it. This show was mainly responsible for introducing to a wider audience the satirical comic book character. The show was great because there just wasn’t one ridiculous superhero in the show but many who were all parodies of famous superheroes. Here is a clip.

Yet another show that I bet maybe most people don’t know but hopefully you remember after you see this clip.

Haha I loved Life with Louie because the comedian whose childhood this is based off of, Louie Anderson, was so funny. His nasally voice cracked me up so many times and the show reminded me of Pete & Pete a little which, was also a great show. Pete and Pete also had the greatest intro in my opinion. Here is a clip of the intro.

This next section I won’t go into great of detail because these shows I watched mainly because of all the fighting that was in it. They were all pretty lame in the acting parts but give me a break who wasn’t overjoyed to see sparks and things blowing up and machines fighting bigger machines and lasers being fired everywhere. Well hopefully these next few clips bring back some memories of great fighting shows. By the way if anyone is interested to watch some of these, all the power rangers are on Netflix. So go there if you’re feeling a bit nostalgic.

Now these next shows my parents really didn’t like when I watched them. Mainly because there was a lot of farting and other disgusting stuff going on in them. The main ones they hated were Cow and Chicken and 2 Stupid Dogs. I myself couldn’t get enough of them. Comedic gold for little kids. Those guys finally figured it out that it doesn’t take much to make kids really really laugh.

The other ones my parents didn’t like but didn’t make too big a deal out of were Aaahh!!! Real Monsters, Freakazoid (which my brother loved so much that he named his cat after the show), and KaBlam!. 

Now KaBlam! was an awesome show because of two things: Action League Now and Prometheus and Bob. Those two shorts were the funniest out of anything I would watch as a kid and I had to watch them all the time. Here are two shorts from both.

Now the last show I want to talk about I hopefully am not alone in thinking was the best out of most of the examples I have already given. This one was hands down the funniest kids show to watch. Not even that, this show was even popular with adults. I know this because my parents had no problem with this show being on because they enjoyed watching it as well. Well enough suspense let me tell just show the intro to the show.

Pinky and The Brain was so widely popular because a lot of the humor was aimed at adults and the show would often parody pop culture. That is why this show was perfect to talk about for this blog.

Well I hope all these cartoon clips helped to bring back a bit of nostalgia for you and make you think of a simpler time when you didn’t have to do much except wake up, eat, make your parents go crazy, and watch cartoons.

Finally here is the song of the day. Going to go with the theme of the blog today, so here is the song I liked the most from Pinky and The Brain. Oh also happy 4th of July! America Fuck Yah!

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  1. Hahaha oh my god Pinky and the Brain!
    I loved that show so much! Wasn't there a little girl who had a dog named Daisy anf she would call here mom "Lady"? Or was that on Animaniacts? Oh well either way both shows were great! Ahh all these old cartoons bring back fond memories<3
    Thanks for this post RandomHero. In the mix of this crazy world wind we call "life in the real world", its nice to be reminded that at one point life was so simple.



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